Do you know where you want to be but are unsure how to get there?

“The Business of Designing a Mantastic Life” is a no nonsense, practical personal development program designed specifically for what men want in life. Its a step by step proven system to get your shit together, take control and live the life your want to be living.
There is only one person who is fit to lead your life. And that’s YOU. You have the vested interest and the ambition to make it succeed and we have the proven training system to help you every step of the way.
Mantastic has a systematic approach to taking control of your life by addressing all the important areas that make up a happy successful life. The 8 key areas that make up a successful life as well as their learning outcomes are listed below. On the monthly plan you will receive access to a new training module every month.
As we introduce you to each role, you’ll receive comprehensive training manuals and video series, plus mandatory missions manuals specific to each role. You’ll also receive additional videos (outlining the practical steps to implement) and audio guides for learning on the go.
Heres what you will learn:

The Role of Chief Executive Officer

“If you don’t create your own plans…you will end up fitting into somebody else’s”

You’ve interviewed for this key role ALL YOUR LIFE. Now it’s time to grab it and take control of your future as CEO of YOU ltd.

This role will see you set the vision and mission for the kind of life that you want to live. A life that ENERGISES and EXCITES YOU. You will identify a clear set of personal values, allowing you to make fast and effective decisions throughout life with confidence and certainty.

You will:

  • Define your vision for a Mantastic Life: Your Business/ Career/ Life purpose: how you want to be spending your time and how you want to be living your life. Health, Wealth, Career, Business, Relationships, Travel, Cars, Man Brand, Soulmate…we cover it all
  • Learn to define your personal values so that you can make decisions that are aligned with them, with a career/business that excites you and and makes you happy every day
  • Create your own personal mission statement and mantra to make sure that you are always able to operate at your best
  • Set clear goals that are in line with your values and vision – meaning that you will stay on course to create a life that excites you
  • Develop emotional intelligence and internal confidence so that you have the capability to make all of the big decisions to live the life you desire

The Role of Chief Financial Officer

“Money is like sex…when you get lots of it you think of everything else…when you aren’t getting any it’s all you can think about”

Have you taken the time to learn about wealth and financial independence, then put what you’ve learned into practice OR are you more often complaining that you are broke and hoping to win the lottery?

Only one of these routes will get you on track for a Mantastic Life, that’s why as CFO we will be putting in place the plan for your financial future – What you earn and where you spend it. In this role you are the Money Man. You will create a Mantastic lifestyle NOW whilst identifying new opportunities to generate wealth and ensuring a strong financial position. Ultimately you’ll learn how to find financial independence in the future.

You will:

  • Learn the financial fundamentals of wealth creation
  • Skills to take charge of your finances and become financially independent in the future
  • Develop your Wealth Creation Money Mindset so that you can start to think and act like a wealthy man
  • Set your personal wealth creation goals and develop your wealth creation philosophy
  • Create your own personal wealth creation plan so that you become financially free in the future as well as live the Mantastic Life you desire today
  • Calculate your net asset position, develop your personal budget and financial allocation plan

The Role of Human Resources Manager

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the people in your life…and the quality of the relationships you have with them”

In this role you will be shown how to bring the right people into your circle…and how to identify who isn’t right for you. This comes from having a clear vision for the future – with strategies to attract great people into your personal and professional life. Plus you’ll command respect and be treated as you deserve.

You will:

  • Create a key personnel list and determine who you need in your life to help you achieve your vision (it could be mentors, entrepreneurs, ladies, coaches, friends)
  • Learn who is right and who is not right for you
  • Establish non negotiable standards for the people that you have in your life and learn how to teach people how to treat you
  • Learn how to attract the right people into your life both personally and professionally
  • Learn how to remove the people who are no longer adding value to your life
  • Find out how to get a great return on investment from your circle of influence to accelerate your success in designing your version of a Mantastic Life

The Role of Product Development and Branding

“It’s okay to be a self-made man…as long as you don’t consider the job done too soon”

Here you will learn how to present yourself to the world for the best effect! This lets you show the best version of yourself, and develop an action plan with new skills that will set you apart from the crowd.

You will:

  • Develop your own personal Man Brand to make sure that you stand out from all the other guys out there in the market place
  • Put together a plan to develop the skills and abilities to become the best version of yourself
  • Become a master of your time so that you can accelerate the development of You ltd’s new product and service line
  • Learn how to identify a mantor who can accelerate your success
  • Recognise your personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that you know what to double down on and what to leverage

The Role of Marketing Guru

“You may have developed the best product in the world…but you will help no one if you are the best kept secret in the world”

As Marketing guru you will learn tested strategies to ensure that the people you need to know are aware that you exist and of what you have to offer. You’ll be able to identify the various personal and professional opportunities that exist for YOU – and how to locate the people you need to know to make it all happen.

You will:

Learn how to raise your profile so people know that you exist and that what you have to offer will add value to their lives – that could be finding a new partner, meeting new people, business opportunities, or tracking down a mantor

  • Learn the two most important rules of marketing and where most guys fail in marketing themselves
  • Learn how to create your personal points of difference and a unique selling proposition to stand out from other men
  • Learn how to identify and locate your ideal target markets (both personally and professionally) for any area of your life that you would like to improve
  • Learn how to design your personal Mantastic marketing plan that you can follow step by step in order to ensure your target markets know you exist

The Role of Sales Team Leader

“Become the type of man who has the ability to light up a room when he walks into it…not when he walks out of it”

Once people know that you exist your job is to make sure that they buy into you. In this role you’ll deliver on your promises – socially, in relationships, and at work. You’ll learn how to be that man who lights up a room. You’ll develop confidence to strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere at anytime…and have them asking you, “when can we catch up again?”

You will:

  • Learn how to strike up a conversation and make sure your social calendar is full
  • Learn the three key ingredients you need to be a Mantastic sales team leader and make sure you are getting a “YES” on all the things you want in your Mantastic Life
  • The five keys to connecting with others to build strong relationships with friends, mantors and the ladies
  • Learn how to become a commander of communication
  • The nine steps that’ll have anyone you meet thinking you are Mantastic
  • Learn Mantastic Life’s Eight Steps of Selling to help you sell yourself to the world and have everything you desire in your life

The Role of Customer Service Manager

“What get’s left unattended in your life…tends to dissolve”

As Customer Service Manager you are in charge of keeping the great people that you have attracted into your life around

When you get the right people around you, you want to make sure they stick around. Your ‘customers’ will be drawn to you as you improve your Man Brand, and bring chivalry back into the world. You’ll know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it when it comes to everyday etiquette and good old fashioned manners.

You will:

  • Learn the fundamental principles of Customer Service that will make everyone a raving fan of You ltd
  • Learn the six human needs of the people in your life and how to meet them so you can have them saying “He is Mantastic”
  • Learn Mantastic Etiquette for every social occasion and how to be a real man and bring chivalry back from the dead
  • Learn love languages and learn how to meet the love languages of the people in your life
  • learn how to continue to add value to all of the great people that you have attracted into your life

The Role of Relaxation and Wellness Coach

“The only time most people take a break…is when they are already BROKEN”

Relaxation and taking a break is part of the plan. In this role you will learn how to identify when you are burning out and put strategies in place to ensure you are at the top of your game 24/7/365.

You will:

  • Learn how to avoid burning out and becoming a physical failure
  • Learn to manage your stress to recovery ratios and the varying degrees of imbalance that can come through business and life
  • Learn how to understand stress, how to understand the different types of stress and avoid corporate burnout syndrome
  • Avoid becoming a victim of C.A.T.S. (becoming dependent on Caffeine, Alcohol, Tobacco or Sugar).
  • Learn the science of sleep – why you need it, how much you need and how to ensure that it’s quality rest that will rejuvenate you for the next day, every day
  • Learn how to identify an imbalance between stress and recovery and what to do about it
  • Learn how to determine the best coping mechanisms to turn stress into success for your personality and the specific signs and symptoms to be on high alert regarding chinks in your armour
  • Learn how to be the Rest, Relaxation and Wellness planner for your life
  • Plan in daily, weekly, monthly and annual breaks to recharge you, and ensure you are physically energised, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned

The Role of Physical Mansformation Guru (aka the busy man’s fitness plan)

“Look after your body…it’s the only place you’ve got to live”

  • Learn how to become your own physical mans formation coach
  • How to develop your own health and fitness vision for your Mantastic Physique
  • How to turn your body into a fit, lean fat burning machine
  • How to achieve maximum results in training with minimal time investment
  • How to feed and fuel your body for a successful physical mans formation

Do you know where you want to be… but not sure how to get there?

The 8 roles of the MANTASTIC LIFE program do not give you one single approach, but let you meet life challenges from several directions… and also recognise that some areas may need more attention than others.

After all: YOU KNOW BEST…

  • About what means most to you!
  • About what you want to achieve!
  • And about how you want to live your MANTASTIC LIFE!

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