Pay Upfront and Save

For those who just can’t wait 12 months to make their lives Mantastic! Receive the FULL MANTASTIC PROGRAM and start making positive changes in your man life IMMEDIATELY. 

The FULL PROGRAM is yours for AUD $997


For those who want to pace themselves and dedicate a little time each month towards designing a Mantastic Life!. You’ll receive training modules for each of the roles EVERY MONTH, plus access to monthly MANTASTIC LIFE WEBINARS.

The FULL PROGRAM is yours for AUD $99 per month for 12 months. 

Start making positive changes in your life IMMEDIATELY. You’ll receive training modules for each of the roles EVERY MONTH, plus access to monthly MANTASTIC LIFE WEBINARS.
The FULL PROGRAM is yours for just AUD $99 per month over 12 months or alternatively you can pay upfront and save 25%.

You’ll receive in each training module:

  • A comprehensive role specific training manual
  • In Depth role specific training videos
  • Access to Mantastic audios guides
  • Mandatory Missions manual and videos outlining the practical steps to implement for each role
  • Support and ongoing help that includes our exclusive ONLINE MANTASTIC COMMUNITY. This is where you can post comments, ask questions, share insights and success stories with others building a Mantastic Life – including Tommy! 
  • Access to our monthly AUS/ NZ face-to-face workshops with Tommy
  • Ongoing access to Exclusive member only videos as they are released including life tips and interviews with successful MANTORS
  • Access to LIVE Video Sessions with Tommy to help you stay accountable
  • Plus a FREE BONUS of The Busy mans fitness plan

If you’re a man exactly where you want to be in life, satisfied with what you have and where you are heading… well, that’s great. There’s no need to go any further. But if not then why not get started today towards living the life that you want to be living.

Do you know where you want to be… but are not sure how to get there?

The Mantastic Program was put together by two friends – Benny and Tom – who had everything a Man could want: high powered jobs, expensive cars, a champagne lifestyle… plus deep unhappiness with where they were in life. They had poor relationships with the world, with others and – more importantly – themselves. Both were not happy with where they were.

That’s why they developed MANTASTIC – a life guide for Men to reset the clock and get the life you want.

Maybe you’re tired of messing around and want to get straight onto it, because you might ask yourself:

  • Am I the best version of myself?
  • If I’m not in control of my life, who is?
  • Are the challenges in life lately a bit too big for me?
  • Are there things I want but haven’t achieved?

If the answers to these questions aren’t exactly what you want to hear IT’S TIME TO LIVE THE MANTASTIC LIFE – TAKE UP THE ROLE OF CEO OF YOUR LIFE TODAY.

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